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VIISAUS - Political Consulting

Why Viisaus

VIISAUS is the partner of choice for political research in Nigeria. Our services have been engaged in accurately predicting the Akwa Ibom State 2019 Gubernatorial elections, Anambra State 2021 Gubernatorial elections and 5 other different states already in 2021. We are non-partisan and independent, the foremost political data consulting firm in Nigeria, our polling and data analysis work has influenced several political successes in the past six (6) years. Some of our accomplishments within the political sphere include:

Fully automated Situation Room Edo 2020 (PDP)

The only firm to consistently and accurately predict election outcomes in Nigeria. Our predictions include; Edo 2016, Ondo 2016, Ekiti 2018, Edo 2020, Nigeria Presidential 2019, Akwa Ibom 2019, Anambra 2021 (verified on Social Media and other platforms)

Accurately predicted the 2019 Presidential elections using Artificial Intelligence

VIISAUS served as the political data partner in the campaign and several gubernatorial campaigns before and after

Our Socio-Political Research has been used by international organisations and agencies e.g. the WorldBank, Germany(GIZ), UnitedKingdom(DfID/FCO)

Our Socio-Political Advisory and Risk Management Services

This service is tailored towards NGOs, agencies with a political focus, political parties, and politicians. It involves conducting socio-political polling and research using quantitative and qualitative analysis methods such as focus groups and our proprietary in-house techniques. We also provide data analysis and visualization, governance process automation, and data-driven recommendations based on our deep understanding of the political space and local knowledge.


This service is aimed at corporates and other organizations looking to mitigate political impacts on their business operations. We utilize frameworks such as scenario planning, SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis, and your proprietary SWeTT framework to analyze potential outcomes and develop strategies to address changes in the political landscape. By assessing risks and identifying mitigations, we help our clients to establish a robust risk profile and develop effective response strategies.


Public-Sector Concierge: This service is designed for large corporates, particularly international ones, that require assistance in navigating the public sector and engaging with government agencies and officials. Our services involve lobbying, relationship management, handling inquiries, and representing clients in their interactions with government and public-sector entities. By serving as a bridge between the public and private sectors, you help clients achieve their larger goals by facilitating effective communication and engagement with relevant authorities.

Overall, our Socio-Political Advisory and Risk Management Desk offers a comprehensive range of services to support organizations and individuals in understanding the socio-political landscape, managing political risks, and engaging with the public sector effectively.

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