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Our integrated team of experts works with a diverse range of clients, tackling some of Nigeria’s most important challenges and largest campaigns. 

Staff Testimonials

In VIISAUS, I came into my own. I was given the opportunity to develop and grow in a defined career path. Opportunities like this do not come often and I am grateful that I got the opportunity to build and develop my professional life which has also impacted my social and personal life. I have also learned, developed, and honed practical and transferrable skills.

I have learned a lot and discovered an inclination towards a major career path. Working here opened me up to the awareness of major opportunities in the world and I intend to explore those someday.

I’ve always wanted to help people and contribute my quota to nation-building so I enjoy working here. We have an excellent work-life balance, and you are treated like a person, not an employee – that’s reflected in the benefits and how management approaches employees. I’ve also met some of the most talented people here at VIISAUS and It’s given me the opportunity for both lateral and upward career development.

My journey with VIISAUS began with the Wider team. During my time with the team, I thought I already knew a lot about technology, until I was employed fully into VIISAUS then I realized that I am not as good as I thought.

VIISAUS  has improved me in all aspects of my working career. Today, I can confidently say that I am 100% better than the way I was when I joined the company.

VIISAUS believes employees are the spark that continually fuels our success, so they empower us to be innovative, creative, resourceful, and to make an impact

It has been over 5 years working at VIISAUS, and I am proud to say I have been here since the beginning of the company. I have seen the company grow from a startup to a major player in the consulting market. The experiences I have gained along the way have been irreplaceable and valuable to the growth of my career.

Every day I work with great and dedicated co-workers who have a strong drive to get things done, regardless of the time of day or week. Each day presents new challenges to overcome and it has been a great place to grow and develop both professionally and personally. It is a place where teamwork and skills are encouraged and highly valued!

As a Political Consultant at VIISAUS, my days are filled with excel sheets, questionnaire crafting, pie charts, client meetings, proposals and of course research.

Unlike any other role, I’ve ever had, being a Political Consultant here at VIISAUS has been challenging, yet thrilling. But undoubtedly one of the most rewarding expeditions I have ever embarked on. It represents much more than a fancy job title and a guaranteed pay cheque at the end of each month, it is a love letter to my roots, my data-driven and strategic duty to my country Nigeria and VIISAUS has afforded me that dream.

VIISAUS is more than just a workplace; it’s home to me. As a fresh graduate, I didn’t have a clear sense of what I wanted to pursue. However, VIISAUS discovered me and provided me with a path and a chance that most organizations like her wouldn’t give.

I have gained so much professional experience since joining VIISAUS, which has improved both my performance as a professional and my personal life. My team is amazing, and their expertise and abilities are unrivalled. I am happy to be a part of this fast-moving train VIISAUS.

Our Culture and Benefits

We want to help develop your career. You’ll work with people from diverse backgrounds and industries to solve important problems across Nigeria. Are you ready to grow?


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