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Why Viisaus

As a company we are technology agnostic, our products and services are tailor-fit to all our clients.

We leverage our advanced analytics and our end-to-end capabilities to creatively solve complex business challenges.

We develop a change plan that integrates your business processes and workforce.

We can deliver business models and operating model change to unlock value for shareholders, customers, employees, and the wider community.

Our Technology Products

Our Security Incident Management Application (SIMA) uses Machine Learning to help governments and security agencies effectively predict as well as monitor security incidents and threats such as terrorist attacks, kidnapping, robbery etc. SIMA allows for seamless collaboration between governments and security agencies, facilitates informed decision-making by analysing complex data while delivering actionable insights through a dynamic heat map.

It is currently being used by one of our government clients and its security agencies to monitor and track security incidents as well as threats allowing them to secure the lives of their over 3 million citizens more efficiently.

An innovative mobile application that leverages GPS technology for monitoring field-based revenue collection efforts.

This product solves the problem of corruption and theft in the collection of local government revenues. The use of this product led to an increase of 500% in revenue generated across the 18 Local Government Areas of one of our clients within the first 12 months of implementation.

An automated land registration system geared towards fast tracking and alleviating issues related to the issuance of all land titled documents and the monitoring of ground rent payments.

This product helps our client achieve better efficiency in allowing the digital entry and management of Certificates of Occupancy, analysis and reports on land transactions, tracking of payments.

VIISAUS - Land Automation - Delta

A platform that facilitates employment for job seekers and creates an avenue for continuous engagement of unemployed residents.

The platform allows for registration of employers, online training / academy for job seekers as well as entrepreneurs and advanced business intelligence capabilities.

A content aggregation application that allows millennials and gen-z’s interact with Nigerian culture and history by taking short quizzes and micro-learning courses.

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