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VIISAUS - Political Consulting

Why Viisaus

VIISAUS is the partner of choice for political research in Nigeria. Our services have been engaged in accurately predicting the Akwa Ibom State 2019 Gubernatorial elections, Anambra State 2021 Gubernatorial elections and 5 other different states already in 2021. We are non-partisan and independent, the foremost political data consulting firm in Nigeria, our polling and data analysis work has influenced several political successes in the past six (6) years. Some of our accomplishments within the political sphere include:

Fully automated Situation Room Edo 2020 (PDP)

The only firm to consistently and accurately predict election outcomes in Nigeria. Our predictions include; Edo 2016, Ondo 2016, Ekiti 2018, Edo 2020, Nigeria Presidential 2019, Akwa Ibom 2019, Anambra 2021 (verified on Social Media and other platforms)

Accurately predicted the 2019 Presidential elections using Artificial Intelligence

VIISAUS served as the political data partner in the campaign and several gubernatorial campaigns before and after

Our Socio-Political Research has been used by international organisations and agencies e.g. the WorldBank, Germany(GIZ), UnitedKingdom(DfID/FCO)

Our Political Consulting Services

SWeTT is our unique data analysis methodology that stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Theories and Test. The SWeTT methodology enables the client to get deep insights into their Strengths and Weaknesses. These insights are geo mapped and remedial actions are developed for the weaknesses while the strengths are built further. These actions are then Theorised and Tested for their viability.


EOF is a service offered to clients running for political office. Using Various research techniques and artificial intelligence, we can accurately predict the outcome of elections by analysing and interpreting the data gathered during our research.

After implementing Campaign and PR Strategies, VIISAUS conducts research to evaluate the performance of the said strategy. This may involve the use of various research techniques as well as Artificial Intelligence. A report is then generated on the data gathered and shared with the client
The VIISAUS Situation Room was first set up in 2016. The Situation Room was birthed from the desire to accurately record votes, efficiently share information, anticipate and diffuse problems during elections by maximising security agencies in responding rapidly when such incidents occur. This also provides a credible analytical platform to collectively highlight and evaluate the challenges of elections to improve the conduct of elections.
VIISAUS-Situation Room

Macro Retreats: We believe in the power of strategy and as such highly recommend these strategy sessions otherwise referred to as retreats to all clients. We recommend 2-3 members of the client’s kitchen cabinet are in attendance. The sessions usually last 1-2 days and involve a SWOT analysis of the client, other assessments and the development of campaign strategies

Themed Retreats are preparatory sessions recommended to clients to develop their leadership style

VIISAUS - Retreats
Over the years, we have become increasingly aware of the importance of Personal Branding. At VIISAUS, we make strategic recommendations with regards to our client’s reputation as this plays a vital role in electoral success. Our Branding Services involves matchmaking our clients with PR professionals. Using data we can assess our client’s current brand perception which informs recommendations, development of a PR strategy and evaluation of activities as they take place.
VIISAUS - Personal Branding

We appreciate that politicking can require a lot of resources – time and money. Our Political Risk Assessment service uses data and political knowledge to help you manage risks, ensuring that you make smart political decisions. We guide you to ensure that you spend your resources on areas that matter most to your political ambition.

VIISAUS - Political Risk Assessment
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